Beard and Mustache Transplant

Facial hair is considered a decisive element in a man`s attractiveness, and many believe that a mustache/beard greatly enhances a man`s charm. Unfortunately, facial hair growth is not equal in all men, and some have a hard time growing a beard or suffer from thinning in this area. Just how well one`s facial hair growth rate depends on various factors, including hormonal, genetic, and hereditary factors as well as skin diseases and damages, lifestyle, and diet. The number of men seeking better facial hair quality and density is by no means small, and for these people, the best solution is beard and mustache transplant.

Completely Natural Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant for Men

A thick beard or mustache gives the option of many faces to a man, one which he can practice in various stages of his life. Nowadays, facial hair plays an undeniable role in the attractiveness of men. A facial hair transplant surgery gives men an even and neat beard/mustache. Such a transplant`s benefits are not limited to mere aesthetic qualities, and it can also prove very effective on one`s health since facial hair prevents many skin diseases, including skin cancer and allergies.

In addition to enhancing one`s facial features, a beard/mustache transplant can cover existing spots and scars on the face. Facial burning incidents are often followed by a lack of hair growth in the affected area, which can become a major reason to get facial hair transplant surgery. Some men have a specific beard style in mind, which they can be used as a template to do the transplant, in such cases, only certain parts of the face might need hair transplant work. 

The beard line will be drawn according to the patient`s desires. But other factors that can influence the process include the conditions of the hair bank, as well as the place where hair is going to be implanted. The patient can show pictures of his desired beard/mustache model and style to his surgeon prior to the operation.

Beard/Mustache Transplant at Paradise Polyclinic

Beard/mustache transplant methods are the same as those used in other hair transplant surgeries. Which is to select a hair bank first from which hair grafts will be chosen to implant in the desired area. The backhead is often chosen as a suitable hair bank for the operation. The steps involved in the procedure differ based on the technique chosen for the transplant, but generally, they follow the same course. A facial hair transplant surgery is a lot similar to a hair transplant. However, several factors that require extra care and focus in beard/mustache transplant operations include more sensitive skin, the importance of a beard line, and proper sleeping position (to prevent damage to the newly-placed hair grafts). At Paradise polyclinic, all such factors are taken into account by experienced surgeons to ensure utmost patient satisfaction.

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