Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery, used to improve the shape and size of breasts, is carried out by a breast or plastic surgeon. The procedure can be done for medical or cosmetic purposes. Breast implants offer the possibility of breast enlargement for those who have had small breasts their entire life or reconstructing and reshaping deformed breasts that might have shrunk or lost their attractiveness over time due to various factors.

Given the vital role of breasts in a woman`s life, breast implants are considered a medical procedure to restore natural-looking breasts following a mastectomy.

Breast Implant vs. Breast Lift

Breast implants and breast lifts are two separate surgeries and serve different purposes. The primary goal of breast lifting is to achieve a more natural and attractive look by lifting and tightening saggy boobs. In comparison, the main objective in breast implant surgeries are breast augmentation or the enlargement and enhancement of their appearance and balance. It should be noted that in some cases where the sagging is minor, breast implant surgery can also prove helpful. But in cases where the sagging is significant, a breast lift is a much better option.

Breast Lift with Implants

One way of raising the breasts is breast lift surgery with implants. The procedure involves employing implants to remove sagging and enlarge breast size. In this procedure, the incisions will occur only around the areola area and on the lower part of the breasts. Breast lift surgery with implants is used to enlarge small breasts and balance unequal breasts both in shape and size. The procedure is a combination of breast lift surgery and breast implant. During which internal breast lifting is used to raise the breasts. Unlike regular breast lift surgery, there`s no need for vertical mammaplasty. It should be noted that such a procedure is not suitable for everyone. But you have nothing to worry about, for Paradise polyclinic professionals must consult all their patients on all such concerns before reaching for the knife.

Breast Implant Plastic Surgery at Paradise Polyclinic

Breast implant plastic surgery is a safe cosmetic procedure with minimal body invasion, thus minimizing its risk factors. The system will take place under general anesthesia. A consulting session with your surgeon will occur before the surgery at the Paradise polyclinic. During which a practicing surgeon and various factors will examine the patient`s breasts will be taken into account before moving to the next step; these include the breasts` dimensions such as size and width, their natural shape, texture, the patient`s taste and finally the surgeon`s professional opinion and experiences. All this data will be used to choose the best possible method for the surgery and implants used from all perspectives- size, form, and shape.

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