Eyebrow Transplant

Ravaging through an unending number of cosmetic materials to find something to fill the gaps in your eyebrows with is considered an old-fashioned approach in the area nowadays. People have become more interested in finding a permanent solution for this problem, and nothing can do it better than an eyebrow transplant surgery. Eyebrow transplant using real natural hair is a permanent and definite solution to thin eyebrows.

The incredible pace of medical advancement and technologies has replaced such old-fashioned methods as eyebrow tattooing with eyebrow transplant surgeries, which have become increasingly popular nowadays, especially among women.

Eyebrow Transplant and its Effect on Facial Attractiveness

If having an attractive and outstanding face is a primary concern for you, you should realize just how important eyebrows play in your overall facial beauty. Many people around the world desire more beautiful eyebrows to change their shape, length, or density. Applying makeup cosmetics is a temporary and arduous method and often damages the eyebrows, whereas an eyebrow transplant is permanent with a completely natural result.

If you suffer from thinning eyebrows for whatever reason, including sickness, scars, etc., eyebrow transplant surgery is the way to go. The procedure can give you natural and dense eyebrows with whatever shape you desire. In addition, the hairs implanted are natural and have no difference from other hairs on your body. 

Eyebrow Transplant at Paradise Polyclinic

Eyebrow transplant surgery allows you to change your eyebrows` form, density, and length. Patients are given thorough consultations on the structure and shape of their desired eyebrows by practicing surgeons at Paradise polyclinic; only then will the surgery go ahead, and the surgeon, with utmost dedication and precision, transplant the hairs according to design.

Eyebrow transplant surgery at Paradise polyclinic is carried out by experienced and top-grade surgeons, making sure that during the procedure, the new newly-introduced hair follicles will not damage the old ones, maintaining the growth of the hairs and giving the most natural look possible.

Professions at Paradise polyclinic select the required hairs for an eyebrow transplant surgery from the patient`s head to ensure the most significant similarity with their already-owned eyebrow hairs. Choosing the proper and similar hairs for transplant is a professional task carried out by our experienced experts at the clinic. The procedure involves careful examinations of the patient`s head hairs by the physician; thin coats with a weak growth rate are then selected among thousands of single strands to be used later for the surgery. Eyebrow transplant surgery is one of the cosmetic services world-quality plastic surgeons offer at Paradise polyclinic in Dubai. Eyebrow transplant is a permanent surgery whose natural result will stay with you forever. The implanted hairs will be the same as those on the person`s hair and have a natural growth rate. Thus, you will be able to adjust and cut your eyebrows as you wish.  

Paradise polyclinic, an advanced and world-quality beauty clinic with experienced and top-quality surgeons, guarantees a natural result to its patients, so they can rest assured and go ahead with their plans, confident that they will have their desired eyebrow forms after the surgery.

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