Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Thanks to numerous revolutionary advances made in the field, there`s a solution for every hair loss or skin problem you might possibly face. Hair loss in all its forms, including thinning hair, is a prevalent issue both for men and women, for which there`s a wide array of treatments to be sought.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one such treatment that works by administering low-level centralized radiation. The laser`s light can be adjusted on various wavelengths, allowing the physician to treat a wider affected area. By exposing the skin`s mesoderm layer to laser radiation, the hair follicles are stimulated—a process that renews hair growth. The treatment often results in significantly stronger hair, albeit over time.

Hair Loss Treatment with Laser Therapy

In laser therapy, hair follicles are targeted by laser radiations. During this process, the follicles absorb the energy, and as a result, blood flow to the scalp is boosted. This blood flow stimulates follicles that have entered their “resting phase” and sets them to work again. Thus, going through a laser therapy process stops hair loss. In addition, in spots where extreme hair has been lost, new hair will grow. It is well known that once the follicles enter their resting phase, our hair stops growing. In fact, the laser is a means to interrupt your hair`s lifecycle so that it is pulled out of its resting phase and sent back to start working again.

LLLT Benefits

LLLT is a clean, painless, and safe process. Hair follicle stimulation and rejuvenated blood flow have a definite effect on hair growth. The process replaces weak, thinning, and fragile hair with strong, thick, and clear. In addition, the physician can employ other hair loss treatments for your hair during your laser therapy process, which takes place in successive sessions. The treatment can be prescribed to people of all kinds by practicing physicians. Thus, people of all ages with all sorts of conditions can apply for laser therapy if their physician has cleared them. The laser is an advanced technology that is used worldwide by physicians and experts as an effective method for hair loss treatment all over the world.

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment at Paradise Polyclinic

Low-Level Laser Therapy also referred to as cold laser, is a novel and revolutionary, and non-surgical treatment solution for hair loss that has had significant results in both men and women who suffer from hair loss. Laser therapy gives you beautiful and healthy hair with more thickness, volume, and radiance. Paradise polyclinic employs advanced and revolutionary LLLT to cure hair loss. Thus, the facility is equipped with laser machines specifically designed to expose the scalp to direct low-level laser (cold laser) radiation. Our experts believe LLLT to be a very effective and lasting hair loss treatment.

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