Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly common method nowadays. The laser is a safe and effective substitute for more traditional means of body hair removal such as razors, wax, hair removal creams, etc. Unlike other hair removal means, the removing process is done using light. The laser beams pulses of light over the target area, thereby destroying hair follicles and preventing future growth, thus permanently removing unwanted hair. Laser machines are designed to direct the energy only to hair follicles and the superficial layer of the skin; as a result, internal organs are in no way exposed to laser rays. Significant results can be witnessed immediately after one session, but several laser sessions are recommended for complete hair removal. The exact number of sessions is determined by the attending physician and depends on such factors as the type and texture of the skin and the thickness of the hair. In addition, laser hair removal is not a gender-specific treatment, and both men and women can apply.

Candela Laser Hair Removal

The Candela Laser Hair Removal is equipped with the latest technology and is currently the newest achievement in hair removal. Candela laser can be utilized to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Research conducted by world cosmetic surgeons has concluded that Candela laser hair removal does not have any irreversible side effects and poses no danger to one`s health, thus making it the safest method. Another advantage of the Candela laser is its ability to remove all unwanted hair, including thin and vellus hair, which most other laser machines fail to do so.

According to the FDA approval statement, Candela laser, in addition to removing unwanted hair, is very effective in curing skin deformities such as age spots, varicose veins, birthmarks and discolorations, and eliminating tattoos. 

Laser Hair Removal at Paradise Polyclinic

Paradise Polyclinic, a beauty facility specializing in skin, hair, and beauty treatments, is equipped with the latest and most cutting-edge laser machines operated by top experts. The clinic offers a wide range of laser treatment options. Patients can choose the most desirable method based on their skin color and hair fabric under the counsel of experienced physicians in a hygienic and peaceful environment.

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