Waist and Hip Weight Loss

Although exercising and following a specific diet might help lose weight, such methods are not for everyone because of their lengthy process and the amount of dedication they require. On the other hand, people are very much seeking a short and effective method to get the body they want. Waist and hip liposuction surgeries have seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years.

The procedure is straightforward and can be conducted in one session, after which the patient is rid of excess fat and skin in the abdomen and lips area and can enjoy a fit body. There are several methods to conduct the surgery, the most suitable of which will be chosen by the surgeon based on the patient`s needs and wants.

Waist and Hip Weight Loss Methods Offered at Paradise Polyclinic

Waist and Hip Weight Loss with Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty has become a universal and widespread method to lose weight in the abdomen area. The surgery is especially recommended for those who, in addition to excessive fat in their abdomen and hip area, suffer from saggy and droopy skin in that local. The procedure involves cutting and removing the skin underneath the abdomen.

Waist and Hip Weight Loss with Laser Lipolysis

Another widespread method for removing fat in the waist and hip area is laser lipolysis. The method is newly-emerged and has won considerable praise among physicians and patients alike. The procedure involves making small incisions in the abdomen and hips area through which, with the help of an instrument, laser waves are directed toward fat deposits. The laser dissolves the fat stored in the area, which is then taken out.

Waist and Hip Weight Loss with Lipomatic

In addition to the methods listed above, lipomatous surgery is another technique that has gained momentum among candidates interested in abdomen and hip weight loss. During the procedure, the surgeon uses a metallic tube (cannula) to remove fat from the desired area. As a result, the technique has fewer side effects and is relatively painless.

Waist and Hip Weight Loss with Combined Surgical Procedures

One advantage to abdomen weight loss methods and techniques is that you can combine two or several of them together, with your surgeon`s authorization, of course. As a result, the patient can lose massive weight in one go and achieve their ideal shape in no time.

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